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Diet log: I added Mo-Chica’s Peruvian dishes to my Nutrisystem plan and it works!

Food is my passion. Whether it is going around the city looking for amazing cafes and restaurants to splurge on unique delicacies, or cooking up a storm in my own kitchen, I believe that food can definitely do a lot for the soul and health. Having been brought up by my parents who have always had a fascination with food and cooking, I started my culinary adventures from a very young age. Needless to say, I have spent a lot of time trying to understand how food works and how it benefits us.

Since I blog almost daily about food habits, and share the healthiest easy to cook recipes, a lot of my readers ask for my opinions regarding the matter of food and health. If you are a long time reader of my blog, you would know that for the last few months I have been on the Nutrisystem diet.  Their official site is now offering some Nutrisystem promo codes and Nutrisystem coupons! You can use them to get their pre-packaged meals delivered at a discounted price. 

Nutrisystem is good for health as it keeps you dedicated to a simple diet that will offer you the best taste without any harmful effects. This diet system does not believe in restrictions. Rather, they will serve you cakes, brownies, stew, roasted chicken and other recipes but with less fat, less low-glycemic carbs, and low sodium. The recipes are designed to deliver high protein and more enriching elements like the necessary minerals and vitamins that the body would need to stay active and healthy. 

Several dieticians state that maintaining a very flexible eating habit always works positively. Being an absolute foodie, I have taken their suggestion to my heart and I usually spend my weekends looking for new restaurants where I can savor new dishes. Last week, I happened to find myself at Mo-Chica in downtown Los Angeles. The restaurant is owned by the amazing Chef Zarate, who excels at delivering the finest Peruvian dishes that you can ever find in Los Angeles. Chef Ricardo Zarate also owns several other Peruvian restaurants like Paiche, Picca, and lately, Once, and is a three time James Beard nominee. I tried his Artichoke with Huacatay Aioli and Aji Amarillo Butter. Nothing could ever compare to the sweet and fiery flavor of these dishes. I became an all-time fan. 

I have been to Chef Zarate’s Mo-Chica several times since then, and I must say that I am very impressed. It does not exactly surprise me that every single dish that I have tried there tasted absolutely amazing, because Chef Ricardo Zarate has often been mentioned by Esquire, GQ, Food & Wine and LA Times as one of the best culinary artists that Los Angeles has to offer. He has spent several years working on different Peruvian recipes and modifying them to perfection. He is focused on bringing something authentic and traditional to the table which is also completely in sync with what customers usually like. His recipes are usually simple and yet extremely varied, which means that you can have a fulfilling gastronomical adventure at his restaurants without any doubt.

This made his restaurant a good place for me to visit as often as possible, as I believe in eating healthy without compromising on taste. Nutrisystem also follows a flexible pattern, which means that you have to stick to its usual meal plans, but can always add some extra dishes on your own if you want. While I stick to Nutrisystem for the whole week, I usually treat myself to Chef Zarate’s amazing food during the weekends.

The result has been quite wonderful. A lot of people who follow a dieting system are often denied from eating adequate portions of food and they often have to compromise on taste. But Nutrisystem is much better to try since it does not propagate the false idea that eating less is healthy. Rather, if you reduce the amount of your food intake, you will be damaging your health even more. The trick is to eat healthy. Nutrisystem meal plans are focused on providing you with energizing foods that will boost your immune system and provide your body with the essential elements it would need to function properly. You can also use the Nutrisystem discount codes while shopping on their site.

My advice for developing a good eating habit is to register for Nutrisystem diet and visiting one of Chef Zarate’s restaurants for the best food experience.  You will never feel heavy; rather, this system will help you to reduce weight by following a proper diet without overindulging.

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