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When American stylish and fashion designer L'Wren Scott stated that while Peruvian food is so simple, it's amazingly flavored with all these traditional spices of Peru, I couldn't agree more.

Hello. My name is Celine Williams and I am a big foodie. I think my love for cooking, diets, nutrition, and all things food, was planted to me by my dear grand mother, who, being from Peru, would cook delicious Peruvian food whenever she visited us in Waimanalo, Hawaii.

Today, after getting my bachelors in anthropology, and a masters in Latin American Studies, I can proudly say I appreciate my grandma's heritage more than ever before: Peru's history, culture, religion, and food.

This blog is about celebrating Peruvian food, healthy diets, and delicious recipes.

If you are a foddie, too, and you like to share your insight about nutrition and recipes, or ask me something, please contact me at