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How Nutrisystem Diet Helped Me Continue My Affair with Peruvian Food!

As a born Angeleno (LA resident, for the uninitiated), I love my city and can proudly claim to know it inside out. I am also a die-hard foodie (and slightly overweight), and frankly speaking, there could not be a better city in the whole world for a guy like me to live in! In LA you get the best of all countries and cultures, through the innumerable multicultural restaurants that have mushroomed all over the city in the past decade or so.

Mo-Chica, a Peruvian restaurant located in the downtown Los Angeles, used to be one of my favorite destinations over the weekend. The owner of Mo-Chica, Chef Ricardo Zarate is an excellent guy and a tremendous cook, and comes highly recommended for those looking for some adventure with their food. He was named one of the 11 top chefs in America by Food and Wine Magazine.

So, back to Mo-chica, hogging their lomo saltado, artichoke with Huacatay Aioli and the awesome Aji Amarillo Butter (along with gallons of beer!) had been my weekend routine for two years, but then the restaurant closed down much to my disappointment. Recently though, I came to know that Chef Ricardo Zarate is back in the town with his new Peruvian pop-up, Once!

Sounds like good news, right? Wrong. Because recently too, my doctor had suggested me to cut back on my weight if I wanted to keep my rising blood pressure in check and my heart in shape. So no Peruvian food, no lomo saltado was on cards for me, and it looked like it was going to be that way for a while. THAT is when I found out about the Nutrisystem diet!

I know. I know. What in God's name is that, right?

Nutrisystem is a diet-based weight loss program, that has been active in the USA for the last 35 years. It is basically a food delivery diet service, where you get pre-packaged meals delivered at your doorsteps really inexpensively! And believe me, when I say pre-packaged meals, I do not mean boring salads or boiled eggs and carrots. Nutrisystem diet consists of tacos, chicken, pasta, pizzas, various kinds of soups, chilli, stew and even burgers and desserts.

Check Megan's video below, to get an idea of how Nutrisystem food looks like when it arrives at your home.

What makes Nutrisystem effective for anyone looking for weight loss in a very short time frame?

The science that exists behind the Nutrisystem Uniquely Yours diet, is what makes it work in such an effective way. Using an online analysis of the amount of calories that I as a person require to stay fit, the Nutrisystem calculates a well-balanced and proportioned diet, which is then shipped to my place! The Nutrisystem diet includes four meals in a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert), based on my metabolic type and the amount of calories that my body strictly requires for staying healthy.

Once I had enrolled with the Nutrisystem diet, I could observe an obvious decline in my waist size after barely two weeks! Upon checking, I found out that I was indeed 2 lbs lighter! After following the Nutrisystem diet for 8 weeks (and falling in love with it), I had managed to cast away about 20 lbs of unnecessary weight from my body. What's more, I could now visit Chef Ricardo Zaret's Peruvian restaurant for some exquisite Peruvian food during the weekends once more!

Oh. I almost forgot about a very important aspect of my Nutrisystem diet. Why, the price of course! All such healthy diet programs are expensive right? Wrong again. On the contrary, Nutrisystem is quite affordable! I enrolled in the Core Nutrisystem diet plan, that costs only $10.00 a day and provides me with more than a 100 different meals to chose from, everyday for 4-weeks. There are another two options also available - a basic $9.29 per day plan and the Uniquely Yours diet plan worth $12.14 a day.

In addition to the diet, I also came to meet more people like me through the Nutrisystem discussion boards. Each had his/her own success story, about how they found out about Nutrisystem and how much it has benefited them. Believe you me, it is an incredible place and I have made a lot of friends through it too. And it was through these discussion boards that I came to know about another valuable piece of information, that there exists something called Nutrisystem discount codes and Nutrisystem coupons on the Internet!

Using these Nutrisystem coupons and discount codes, I was able to cut up to 40% off (that's right!) on my orders! In fact, this week I am getting my whole week's food for free, thanks to one of these Nutrisystem coupons and Nutrisystem discount codes! An extra discount on my great Nutrisystem diet plan means an extra glass of beer on the weekend of course! (Just kidding Dr. Gupta)