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You Can Get Over Your Fast Food Cravings, All You Need is a Little Patience

If you can't seem to resist your temptation to eat fast foods, a new study has revealed that patience might have something to do with this problem. The new study, which appeared in Preventive Medicine, has shown that making eating choices in order to get instant gratification inevitably leads people to eat fast foods.

Fast foods are usually high in energy but low on nutrients. They are also more commonly eaten away from home. But worst of all, they cause obesity and a long list of other chronic illnesses. This study showed that when your hunger pangs make you impatient, you are more likely to eat unhealthy foods.

The study involved 5,871 adults in the US. The study observed the lifestyle behaviors of these people and their fast food consumption frequency. Behavioral economics was also incorporated into the study to establish how patient different participants were, and what this trait meant in relation to fast food intake frequency.

When asked whether they would prefer $10 immediately, or $12, $15, or $18 in a month's time, it became clear which people had more patience and which participants did not. In the end, people who displayed a greater level of patience turned out to be the group that consumed fast food less frequently.

Obviously, there is no direct equivalency between behavioral economics and eating behavior, and future studies should focus on patience as it relates to food intake and not finances in order to make these results more relevant. Nevertheless, the researchers did find that people who could wait in order to get more money after a month were also 26% less likely to consume fast food than those who would rather have $10 immediately.

So, if you have been trying to find a way you could resist the constant temptation to eat fast foods, you might want to start working on your patience. As long as you are able to delay gratification, you can make more deliberate eating choices. And ultimately, this means having the capacity to opt for foods that are much healthier. If following a specific food plan helps you avoid the temptation to eat junk food, then I suggest you join Nutrisystem. Not only will it help you with your eating choices, you will end up losing unnecessary weight as well, and without breaking the bank.

The researchers suggested that future planning could also help people prevent the frequency of their fast food intake. For instance, rather than waiting until the last minute to buy your lunch, you could take packed lunch to work, which would prevent you from taking rushed trips to fast food joints and vending machines. Not having enough time to consider what meals to consume clearly has something to do with the increased likelihood to buy fast foods.

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