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Top 5 Peruvian Foods 

In between blogging and a slew of many, many other activities, I spend a lot of time checking out favorite cuisines from around the world. When it comes to food, no place beats Latin America. I mean, the food down there is really nice, and its delicacy basically grabs you by the gut and sends amazing rushes of cravings down your nerves. With Latin food becoming a hot culinary trend, lately, I have been checking out a variety of dishes from Peru and boy, did I unearth some good food! Below are my personal favorites-and they will be yours too. Soon.

Looking for Great Food? Peru has your Back....and Palate

1. Lomo Saltado

You want this, trust me. The dish is a combination of meats from many sources and is basically served with vegetables and rice. To improve the taste, Peruvians habitually season the food with a raft of sauces, the most preferred being soy sauce. Others will serve it over a plate of fried Peruvian potatoes. The meal is a unique combination of tastes and smells and is one of the most popular choices over there.

Source: 15 Peruvian Foods You Have to Try

2. Ceviche

If you are looking for the freshest fish from Peru, then you wonít go wrong with this one. Peruvian dishes seem to thrive on the combination ingredients and a dazzling array of spices and the Ceviche does not disappoint when it comes to that. The dish is made up of the aforementioned fish, a lot of onions, black chili and citrus. Peruvians know how to attain the perfect equilibrium in terms of constitution, which is why Ceviche is known for its array of flavors. The citrus inside there is arguably one of the best culinary choices the people of Peru have ever made, if I do say so myself. Ceviche is lauded for its ability to relieve nausea and air sickness for those that experience unease after long flights.

For a great recipe of sea bass with tomato ceviche, go here.

3. Antichuchos


Do you know what I find amazing about some of these dishes? They are a combination of ideas passed down the generations, and they have a little of everything. Peruvian food features a sampling of the most diverse ingredients on the face of the earth. There is a little bit of America and Europe in every dish from Peru. The Antichucho contains meats that have been grilled and skewered. They mostly come in the shape of a heart, and the color is deep brown when ready. And, yes, you can throw in some pepper to jazz things up. You probably wonít be taking a lot of these because they give you that feeling of fullness immediately after your second bite.

4. Aji De Gallina

Isnít it just amazing that even with all spices used, Peruvian food just keeps tasting better? The Aji De Gallina is the perfect study of Peruvian cooking at its finest. Basically, this meal composed of shredded chicken meat that literally swims in a thick sauce full of spices and color. You are going to find the sauce a bit mild, but the Aji gives it that crunch and fruity taste. The serving looks great and tastes even better. This is actually one of my best dishes of all time.

5. Causa

I have found that there is a certain fondness for the potato in Peru. You are going to be getting a lot of meals that contain this ingredient, and there are as many as 20 methods of preparation, all churning out great delicacies. The Causa is a combination of potatoes and avocados that have been carefully selected and made into some kind of a casserole. The meal is served cold most of the times. Sometimes, cooks in hotels will throw in some slices of meat for good measure.
There is nothing in this world better than a great dish, made with love all the way from Peru. The cuisine culture of the country is great, and there are literally thousands of ways of making a great meal. The spices are always an important mainstay in every food, with the colors coming off as very rich. There is a Japanese lean to some of the meals, and this could be due to the fact that Peru has a large number of people with Japanese roots. Whenever I take any meal from Peru, I get reminded of something I ate in Europe or Asia or America, only 10 times better and enriched. With these cuisines, you are going to find yourself developing a habit-a good one.